ETC EVO Bearings

About ETC EVO Bearing

ETC EVO is a manufacturer and global supplier of reliable ball and roller bearing solutions to aim industries. Our aim Industries served include: Electric motors and pumps bearings , agriculture bearings , automotive bearings industrial transmission, material handling , steel factories , rolling mill, Cement industry and … , We offer a full line of agricultural, radial, mounted unit ball and roller bearings .

ETC EVO manufacturing facilities is in China, and it is an award winning supplier dedicated to reliable and cost effective bearing solutions.

Features of ETC EVO Bearings:

  • High quality through hardened bearing steel
  • Optimized raceway geometry & super finish
  • High precision accuracy and manufacturing consistency
  • Proprietary high performance sealing options
  • Multi-tiered performance offering
  • Premium Polyurea thickened grease as standard

The Advantages of ETC EVO bearings:

  • Improved bearing life reliability
  • Reduced friction, vibration and noise during operation
  • 100% vibration/noise testing for fractional HP to high HP electrical applications
  • Globally interchangeable for use in existing applications
  • Design options meet Consumer to Industrial performance requirements
  • Best-in-class seal solutions maximize equipment life in contaminated applications
  • Full size range DGBB offer for small to large application requirements

Benefits of using ETC EVO bearings:

  • Extended bearing life equals long equipment service life
  • Longer intervals between scheduled machine maintenance results in lower ownership cost
  • Smooth & quiet bearing operation means better operating efficiency
  • Wide size range promotes supply base consolidation